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The survey asks what you love about CPS. You said:

(Take the survey here - 4 questions only.)

  • "Diversity. Camrbidge is not a rich, white ghetto. And language immersion programs."

  • "Teacher quality is amazing"

  • "people!"

  • "Diversity"

  • "Heidi Cook (principal at Baldwin)"

  • "specific teachers"

  • "Generally speaking, it's a solidly run school system that has great programs for those who can get into them."

  • "Amigos Spanish immersion, many advanced classes at CRLS"

  • Diversity, progressiveness, quality

  • Community feel, funding provided

Because transparency is a value at, some of you were less glowing, and we're including those answers, too:

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • They are ALWAYS communicating. We need more teachers, more teaching time, and less people writing newsletters and emails and other missives.

  • Its free

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