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School Committee meetings

- ​This is a shockingly good website.

- You can easily find upcoming meetings, videos of past meetings, minutes and presentation slides. 

Blog posts by Eugenia

- Afterschool updates are here (you can see old ones + subscribe). 

- Article on figuring out the CPS Jk/K lottery (this will need updating, given Universal Pre-K starting this Winter). 


Healthy, Green & Safe commutes to school

Thanks to a few inspiring leaders at Cambridge Bicycle Safety for these resources showing us what could be:


- ​To join the CPS parent listserv, follow this link: 

Warning: Unfortunately, this space can get toxic. Please reach out to me if you experience bullying in this forum or want advice before sharing something. I don't have all the answers, but I survived some bullying in this space, and I have some thoughts on navigating it.

- To sign up to hear directly from the Cambridge teachers union, fill out this form.

Note: I signed up a few weeks ago and haven't yet heard from them. So I'm not sure how much they'll use it. 

Discipline Issues:

Quite a few parents have told me that discipline concerns are disrupting their children's learning. This is a complex issue that I don't fully understand as yet. But knowing the Massachusetts anti-bullying law is one basic precaution that parents can take if their child is facing this kind of difficult situation. (Thx to a parent for sharing this with me, based on a traumatic experience their child had at CPS.)

- MA anti-bullying laws (includes cyber bullying). 

- Section 370: Bullying in schools.   

Youth Mental Health Crisis + Some Causes/Solutions: 

Nation-wide, youth are facing a severe mental health crisis. A recent report showed that CPS is sadly no exception: 


Community & Social Connection

Phones & Social Media

Gifts to teachers + staff:

$50 individual limit — donations to teachers/staff.

$150 collective limit — class donations to teachers/staff. 

The law is pretty easy to read here.

Science of Reading:

  • Here's the podcast that started this conversation for many —

Sold a Story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong (6 episodes). 

(I've heard many people critique the podcast generally, but am still looking for specifics about which of its statements are misleading + links to better info. If you have that level of critique, please email me. I'd love to talk.)

Kid's teeth

  • We love this pediatric dentist in Porter Square. (Stickers & rings make visits fun.) 

  • As my 5yo's tooth started wiggling, I got weirdly stressed out by not knowing how to mark/celebrate properly. This podcast episode was helpful in giving this milestone sociological perspective: The Tooth Fairy's Resistance to Commercialization (Slate podcast)

  • Book recommended in podcast above: Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World (Buy on

Eugenia plans to update + add to this list frequently.

Please let me know what other links can help families -


11.3: How school candidates split on Algebra + Special Ed | CRLS's consent saga + how it shows major CPS deficiencies

We also covered:

  • Full list of candidate forums, bios, interviews.

  • Eugenia and 6th grader/interviewer David Wilkins.

  • Group work in math - good or bad?

10.27: Why Middle Schoolers are mobilizing | Highlights from 3 *more* forums

We covered:

  • Middle schoolers are sick of being bored in math class and came to the Algebra forum to say so.

  • It seems that Cambridge's Black students who are advanced in math are taught at charter schools — not at CPS. 

  • Candidates agree CPS needs to collect student feedback.

  • CRLS students want their teachers to have a contract.

  • The Atlantic article on California's math woes resonates in Cambridge. 

  • Wusong Road is the best tiki bar — and that's most so at Halloween time. 

10.20: Highlights from 3 candidate forums | Manikka Bowman endorses Eugenia

We covered:

  • Forum highlights: (1) All candidates want to expand immersion programs, (2) Safe Routes to Schools need expanding, (3) how to retain teachers/teachers of color. 

  • Books: Former CPS teacher Manuel Muñoz won a MacArthur for fiction; MBK moderator has a book coming out on Latino Education. 

  • Updates: (1) CRLS considering a cell phone policy, (2) few middle schoolers bike to school, (3) Universal Pre-Kindergarten's info session. 

  • Stamp of approval: John Singer Sargent exhibit at the MFA. 

10.12: 🥳 Happy birthday, Eugenia!

We covered:

  • Did Eugenia do it? CPS has new Reading Instruction webpage (that doesn't mention discredited programs).

  • Bill Watterson (of Calvin & Hobbes) has a new graphic novel (#3 most-clicked link). 

  • Summary of the new tutoring program.

  • The owner of Lizzy's ice cream in Harvard Square is a teacher at Cambridgeport (see story - which was the #1 most-clicked link). 

10.5: Yard Signs & 7 great books to read

We covered:

  • Uneven pandemic recovery — Black, low-income, and English language learner scores have declined since the pandemic; non-high needs and non-low-income students have made the biggest gains. 

  • 7 great books, include Cambridgeport Family Liaison's Cousins and CPS parent Kate McGovern's Welcome Back, Maple Mehta-Cohen

  • City Council race drama.

9.29: 3 ways MCAS can improve your school

We covered:

  • 3 Questions for CPS on MCAS — (1) What will you do with the Data? (2) What's going on in the middle schools? (3) Why did Black lower-school scores dipped, while high school scores rose? 

  • Bus issues continue

  • Globe's "nuclear options" for catching kids up on learning. 

9.22: Celebrate MCAS? (3 reasons why not.) | "Good" bullying story | Teachers union forum is up

We covered:

  • CPS bus woes & coming new hires. 

  • Elementary Schedules data from the teachers union + from the School Committee meeting.

  • Teacher attrition concerns.

  • MCAS — Cambridge did something right, but (1) schools are vastly different, (2) racial gaps are too large, and (3) CPS's messaging lacked honesty. 

9.15: Highlights from the Teachers Union candidate forum | Eugenia on TV | Candidate bios

We covered:

  • Eugenia's CCTV appearance (all videos).

  • The candidate bios on Robert Winters' site

  • Highlights from the CEA forum - asking School Committee to ensure CPS shares survey data on Schedules and on teacher attrition + teacher attrition facts from Rachel. 

  • Elementary schedules: Another letter to School Committee.

  • CPS's stated priorities for the 23-24 school year. 

  • Universal Pre-K will change the K lottery.

9.8: "Working snacks" for 3rd graders + Highlights from Tuesday's School Committee meeting

We covered:

  • 3 🐣 warm & fuzzy back-to-school stories.

  • Elementary schedules: teachers are displeased, but motion to certify them as "guidelines" only gets posptoned.

  • News coverage of Algebra + of teacher's union negotiations (Crimson, Register). 

  • Tragic death of 16yo CRLS student Jaden McDaniels. 

8.25: 🦋 Butterflies, 🥪 lunch lines + 5 takeaways from the middle school schedule audit

We covered:

  • CPS commits to fixing over-long lunch lines.

  • The teachers' union questionnaire.

  • Our first support group: CPS's response to bullying is lacking.

  • 5 takeaways from the Upper School schedule audit

8.18: 4 takeaways from School Committee's Schedules discussion

We covered:

  • The depressing history of Algebra at CPS: passing a motion isn't enough to ensure change.

  • The campaign's first hire: rising CRLS junior Jesmin.

  • Remembering Class of 2025 CRLS student Rafa Saeed.

  • Mass. dangerous streets kill another young child: not okay. 

  • Feature story: 4 ways the Elementary Schedules discussion made Eugenia grumpy: (1) lunch lines are too long; kids go hungry, (2) failure to get buy-in, (3) communication was so bad it made a parent cry, (4) the Schedule audit showed there *is* critical need to rethink schedules.

  • Apology: Eugenia failed to notify readers about a City public toilet celebration. What a lapse!

Most clicked:

8.11: 😠 Very Grumpy Debrief: 4 takeaways on School Committee's Algebra discussion

We covered:

  • CPS didn't share enough basic info on Algebra or Schedules | How to make a public records request (most-clicked link).

  • 4 math takeaways: (1) data needed on who gets to Calculus, (2) data needed on elementary math issues, (3) SUDOKU-gate, (4) the plan to "compete" with outside math courses.

  • All the news outlets that covered the math story | Still waiting on the Superintendent evaluation story.

  • Campaign trail: Who's running | Book Bike party, CRLS photo exhibit, shootings in the Port

  • Bulletin boardKids' craft popup, CPX Family Bike Ride, The Huhs' new 🐹 hamster Josephine Baker, translators wanted. 

  • Comments: The need for early drop-off | Families rebuilding their kids's education outside CPS.

8.4: 2 upcoming Algebra motions + 4 concerns on the new Elementary Schedules

Most clicked links: 

  1. Elementary schedules (leaked)

  2. The Superintendent's response to the teacher/parent petition on elementary schedules.

We also covered:

  • The two algebra motions

  • Superintendent Greer's interview with GBH on Algebra

  • 🤿 Deep Dive on elementary schedules

  • 11 candidates in the race; Mural bike ride

  • Mayor's role as Chair of School Com could end

  • Our revolution's platform + why Eugenia won't sign on.

7.27: All about the coming "algebra policy order" | Math stories from the campaign trail | Eugenia's letter to the editor

Most clicked links: 

  1. Twitter thread that shows City Council is working on an Algebra Policy Order + thread on a School Committee policy order. 

  2. Sigh. You all clicked on this Day article about bad behavior around Riverside Park, the article I said had made me so jealous (of better coverage for non-school stories). 

  3. Eugenia's & Amanda's most recent afterschool lottery update

We also covered:

- Praise in the Globe for soon-to-retire Member Fred Fantini

- Buying campaign tshirts. 

- Consent camp + Eugenia's friend wants you to take her hamsters. 

- Youth, police + alternatives to police.

7.20: What CPS, teachers + parents say about 🧮 Algebra:

Globe controversy + the CRLS sophomore who scooped them trail 

Most clicked links: 

  1. CRLS Register Forum article - CRLS Restricts Math Acceleration Following the Pandemic

  2. Non-paywalled Globe article - Cambridge schools divided over middle school algebra

  3. Instagram post of Eugenia, Ming & Maxine in their campaign tshirts at Gold Star pool (where Eugenia got her 100th signature)

  4. Em Patenaude's Smart Dresser business - Yay! Em is the creative genius behind the campaign's design + she can bring the brilliance to your life, too!

Also covered:

  • CPS's algebra policy + what administrators said about it + what teachers said about it

  • What CPS says it will change in future (details missing)

  • Cambridge math in context (California, Dallas, Belmont)

  • CPS math pathways - why is it so hard to get to Calculus

  • All about the new campaign tshirts

  • A survey-taker thinks Eugenia isn't pro-teacher enough

  • Another neurodiversity update (hardship transfers + Tobin seems great)

7.15: "Needs Improvement:" 5 Takeaways from the Superintendent Evaluation —

Most clicked links: 

  1. Superintendent's evaluation by the school committee (PDF link).

  2. Globe article - Cambridge schools are divided over middle school algebra (link).

  3. Day article - Adding funds to budget of Cambridge Math Circle could set nonprofit precedent, councillors worry (link).

  4. NPR article - A popular program for teaching kids to read just took another hit to its credibility (link).  

Also covered:

  • The 4 new challengers in the school committee race.

  • Neurodiversity update. 

7.5: Final reminder Superintendent evaluation + campaign trail — (most clicked links: Eugenia's final email to School Committee on the Superintendent + the Union's take on the Superintendent canceling her coffee hour.)

  • Final reminder on writing in to School Committee.

  • Campaign trail: Fred Fantini retires + Ayesha Wilson is running for School Committee,

  • Math now respondents' top concern in the campaign. 

6.29: Response to Superintendent evaluation: principal hiring + family support 

  • Big response to the School Committee's upcoming evaluation of the Superintendent,

  • Cambridge Math Circle got a grant from City Council,

  • Chart showing the racial achievement gap for math,

  • Tshirts for the campaign,

  • Bike bus in Oregon + Eugenia as a bike valet (Dance Party). 

6.21: Evaluating the Superintendent  most clicked links:

  • Eugenia's draft email to the School Committee on Greer's principal hiring,

  • Cambridge Family of Color Coalition's reasons for withdrawing from the CPS Town Hall,

  • Instagram pictures of the kickoff party,

  • City Councilor Patty Nolan's math op-ed: District’s backsliding on eighth-grade algebra must be stopped for the good of all CPS students 

6.13: We're in the Cambridge Day! — (most clicked = Day article on Eugenia's fundraiser; #2 - CFCC's reasons for quitting CPS Town Hall)

  • Honoring Cambridge Youth Sports,

  • CPS's Maynard Ecology Center at Fresh Pond,

  • More on Play Streets & social connection (and snakes). 

6.8: CPS's lackluster communications — (most clicked = Le Grand Prix Elmendorf du pain)

  • CPS's lackluster communications, 

  • "Play streets" as part of the solution for CPS kids' poor mental health,

  • Parent volunteering in schools - can CPS do better?

  • Reasons to love school bus drivers.

6.1: CPS's math problem — (most clicked = Peabody bike bus video

  • CPS's math problem, 

  • Peabody's "bike bus" — safely biking kids to school,

  • Strange happenings in a principal hiring process,

  • Kids' mental health.

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