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Education Priorities

A vote for Eugenia is a vote for:

Top 3 

  • Relentless focus on closing the racial achievement gap at a high academic level to set up every child for post-graduation success.

  • Ensuring every student is engaged in the classroom — struggling learners get support; advanced learners are challenged.

  • Radically increasing parent, student + teacher feedback — asking for input regularly and transparently sharing the issues that get raised. Today, CPS solicits almost no feedback — a huge missed opportunity to surface problems, find solutions, and build trust. 



  • Given the uproar over widespread, harmful reading instruction, publicly embracing the science of reading + implementing it so every child reads at grade level by 3rd grade. 

  • Upholding equity by enabling every child to succeed in Algebra in 8th grade, not 9th grade, as it is today - a delayed timeline that limits crucial learning. And changing the system so that advanced math is no longer reserved for just those who take summer programs/get outside help.

  • Ensuring each school and student has the staff support they need to achieve academic success and assure their wellbeing.


Each child gets the attention they deserve

  • Improving students’ wellbeing with regular check-ins for each student. 

  • Letting families know when their child is behind in any subject + empowering them to find solutions — ex: being able to opt for tutoring or extra class time.

  • Streamlining communication to families — for a tight focus on the 2 issues that matter most: academic achievement + student wellbeing. Publicly tracking data to ensure all families — even non-English speakers + people without Internet access — know what's important.


Out-of-School = School

  • Creating a bridge between school and out-of-school programs so that, together, they support academic excellence, enrichment, socio-emotional learning and play, as well as the family wellbeing.  

  • Given Cambridge’s housing crisis, prioritizing the issues affecting students whose families face being priced out of their homes, evicted, or becoming unhoused.


Climate Change + Transportation

  • Instead of timidly aiming for a 10% electric school bus fleet, CPS must contract for an all-electric fleet by 2030, as some of its larger peers are already doing. 

  • CPS should also reduce its bus usage (while also saving money + boosting students’ health) by planning supervised walks and bike rides to school.  

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